I’m really excited about the recent addition of an Objet PolyJet 3D Printer. Known for their precision, ability to 3D Print fine details and smooth surface finish, I can’t wait to start 3D Printing parts with it.

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3D Accuracy’s new addition, an Objet PolyJet 3D Printer

This Objet 3D Printer will print parts with materials that are Clear, Rigid Opaque in White, Black, Gray and Blue as well as synthetic Polypropylene-like material giving you a choice of materials that fit your needs. Parts 3D Printed with PolyJet materials can be combined with parts 3D Printed with a variety of real thermoplastic materials to create real products.

Visit 3D Accuracy at our new location and see the 3D Printing Services we can provide for you.

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