I wanted to make a quick announcement to let everyone know that 3D Accuracy has recently added three more Stratasys 3D Printers. The addition of these 3D Printers, along with the others already onsite, allows 3D Accuracy to 3D Print more parts in a shorter time frame.

3D Accuracy www.3d-accuracy.com 20150730_192138

More 3D Printers and more material capabilities

If you need many End Use Production Parts or a couple Rapid Prototype Parts fast, 3D Accuracy has the capacity to do it. Or, if you need a part or several different parts 3D Printed in different colors, 3D Accuracy can now do that more quickly by 3D Printing your parts in several different machines at the same time. No waiting for 3D Printer machine time to come available.

The purchase of these 3D Printers included a generous supply of ABS, ABSi and Elastomeric 3D Printing materials, some in a wide selection of colors. Keep an eye on 3D Accuracy’s 3D Printing specials to get discounts on parts 3D Printed in some of these materials and colors.

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Have a terrific day!

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