Now through the end of September, get a Hot Summer Deal on 3D Accuracy’s 3D Printing Services.

3D Accuracy 20150807_171926

Get a great deal on 3D Printed materials that are in stock!

Get a 10% discount, up to $250, on any 3D Printed parts made with Fluorescent Green or Black ABS thermoplastic.

3D Accuracy 20150807_172006

Fluorescent Green ABS Thermoplastic

3D Accuracy 20150807_172000

Black ABS Thermoplastic

Need 3D Printed parts in a color other than Fluorescent Green or Black? No problem, 3D Accuracy has White, Yellow, Fern Green, Red and Gray ABS materials in stock ready to make End Use Production Parts or Rapid Prototype Models for you.

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Have a terrific weekend!

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