I’m pleased to announce that 3D Accuracy has just purchased another Stratasys FDM 3D Printer! With a large build capacity and wider selection of real thermoplastic materials to choose from, 3D Accuracy’s services have just expanded to better serve you.

One of the advantages for 3D Accuracy’s customers is that large 3D Printed parts, such as the one shown in the pictures below, can be 3D Printed in one piece and much larger parts can be created by bonding fewer large parts together. This saves secondary operation time by reducing the number of bond seams which improves part strength and reduces the cost of large 3D Printed models.

3D Accuracy www.3d-accuracy.com 20150411_172208

Large 3D Printed parts made in one piece

Large parts like this can be 3D Printed in one piece, in fact 3D Accuracy now has the build capacity to 3D Print two of these parts laying flat, not standing on its side, in one build!

3D Accuracy’s newest 3D Printer has also doubled our build capacity in the vertical (Z axis) direction so large tall parts can also be 3D Printed in once piece. As shown in the picture below, this part could be stood on end and 3D Printed with over 6″ to spare!

3D Accuracy www.3d-accuracy.com 20150411_173239

Large vertical build capacity

3D Accuracy www.3d-accuracy.com 20150413_105712

Large 3D Printed parts in a variety of real Thermoplastic materials

Another advantage is that 3D Accuracy can now 3D Print a larger quantity of smaller End Use Production Parts in one build and with multiple 3D Printers, 3D Accuracy can get your Production Parts 3D Printed and delivered fast!

3D Accuracy www.3d-accuracy.com 20150413_105953

Large 3D Printed parts in a variety of colors

PageLines- 3DAccuracywww.3d-accuracy.comlargecapacityfdm.jpg

Large Build Capacity Stratasys FDM Thermoplastic 3D Printers

Need a large 3D Printed part or many smaller 3D Printed parts in a specific thermoplastic material? Just ask, our list of available thermoplastics is growing and chances are 3D Accuracy can 3D Print it for you.

Have a terrific weekend!

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